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Step 1: What size unit do you need?

Measure the width and length of your room.

Multiply these 2 numbers, this gives you the m2 area.

Ie Length 4m  x  Width 5m = 20m2

Up to 20m2

= 2.5kw



30-40m2 = 5kw


Please call for advise.

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Step 2: What style of unit would you like?

High wall mounts

Low wall mounts

Step 3: What do I need for the install?

The correct size copper and insulation.

Wall bracket.

Adjustable spanners

Pipe bending springs

Flaring tool.

Domestic/office                              Conservatory

15 - 25 m2

= 5.0kw

Up to 15m2

= 3.5kw

If you are at all unsure please call or e-mail us.

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01424 863001

Mitsubishi Hyper Inverter 2.5kw

£699.00 inc vat + del.

Mitsubishi Fixed speed

2.8kw heat & cool

£399.00 inc vat + del.

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Please note: nearly all the images on this site are  of real air conditioning systems that we have installed.


“My art studio is toasty warm in the winter and super cool in the summer, thank you so much for all your help and advice.”

Angie Philip, Hastings

Flare connections?

Don’t worry, watch our tutorial video, and all will be revealed.

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If you are still unsure we can flare your pipes for you, how cool is that?! Call 01424 863007